5 Tips to Start SEO Blogging for Small Business

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Do you want better SEO results for your small business website? There are many SEO experts who can provide tips on how to improve SEO, but blog posts might be an effective SEO strategy that you haven’t yet considered.

Blog posts are important for SEO. Here’s why: well-written blog posts not only help your SEO, but they also build trust with your customers and clients. Plus, each additional post is another opportunity to get in front of new visitors.

To give you a better idea of what blogging can do for your small business and how you can use blog posts to reach more people, we’ve put together this list of the top 6 ways every small business can add blog posts to their marketing plan:

1) Choose a topic relevant to your audience.

You want to write about something that both you and your audience are passionate about. For example, are you an accountant? Blog posts about taxes are probably the last thing your audience will want to read about.

2) Use best practices for SEO links.

Add links throughout your blog posts to help search engines index them more quickly. Simply including a table of contents or links to other relevant posts within your blogs can improve your search ranking. See more information and get more tips on internal linking strategies by clicking here.

3) Publish often.

The more articles you publish, the more SEO power you’ll have to rank your blog posts in Google and other search engines. In fact, publishing a new blog post every week will help push down older blog posts on your site lower in SERPs [search engine ranking position]. Blog consistency is key.

4) Be social.

Blog posts are great for SEO but they’re also great for engagement with your audience. Consider sharing some of your best blog posts on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. You can even schedule social media messages ahead of time so that it’s easy to keep up with this task over time! It just requires a bit of research into which content performs

5) Include relevant images.

Images are among the most important SEO factors for small businesses. Make sure you use them in your blog posts often, with rich text keywords along with alt tags. If you’re looking for images, there are plenty of inexpensive options available to small businesses. Sites like iStockphoto offer thousands of image options at a relatively low cost per image (and they’re high quality!)

6) Use SEO best practices.

Here are some pretty important SEO tips you should keep in mind when it comes to your blog posts for small business marketing:

– Try to use the main keyword or phrase of the post in the headline and at least once or twice throughout the post so Google can find your content more easily.

– Use subheadings within each blog post to break up sections so they’re easier on readers’ eyes and Google’s crawler bots can easily identify topics that are covered in your blog posts.

– Make sure every image has an alt tag (or caption) with relevant keywords; this will help boost SEO efforts even further.

SEO Is Not A Program – It is Process!

SEO strategy that is implemented consistently over time rather than a “set it and forget it” mentality is what will ultimately bring you results month after month, year after year. Using correct link strategies and tracking, including relevant images, writing about topics your audience cares about, and following SEO best practices in combinations will over time increase your ranking. Be sure to pick at least 1 or 2 small business SEO tips from this article and implement them each month as you write content for your small business.

Blogging is a tactic that never goes out of style because search engines constantly change their algorithms and ways of measuring SEO factors. Sometimes when SEO practices become popular, such as when Google started penalizing websites with keyword stuffing in its algorithm, professionals need to keep up with the changes and stay ahead in the game! Consider hiring a professional or managing your own SEO efforts if this job seems too daunting.

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